“Vikki has produced a richly detailed mosaic that showcases the emergence of coaching as a distinct profession—an affirming look into the past and an illuminating picture of the future.” – Jan Austin, coaching industry forerunner and author of What No One Ever Tells You about Leading for Results.

“This book is an encyclopedic and vividly anecdotal attempt to understand the development of coaching. Having tapped into her own research, and various studies by contemporary coach practitioners and researchers, Vikki Brock has produced a very wide-ranging and stimulating perspective on the complex roots and precursors of contemporary coaching. She approaches the subject with evidence suggesting that coaching may have many deep and eclectic historical roots.” – Dr. Sunny Stout-Rostron, author of Business Coaching International: Transforming Individuals and Organizations.

“Dr. Vikki Brock’s Sourcebook of Coaching History provides fascinating and important details of how coaching pioneers launched our field. Through exhaustive interviews of key figures, Dr. Brock’s work illuminates the unique contributions of the visionary leaders behind the personal and executive coaching industry.” – Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D., MCC, Author of Personal and Executive Coaching: The Complete Guide.

“Vikki’s warmth, capacity to build an impressive global network of contacts and years of painstaking research have paid off. This is an all-singing, all-dancing book for all those who wish to trace coaching’s origins, chart its evolutionary path across the globe, and peer into its rosy future.” – Liz Hall, editor of Coaching at Work magazine.

“Vikki Brock offers an extraordinarily panoramic view of professional coaching. She provides a detailed analysis of not only the roots and many branches of this burgeoning field, but also a glimpse at its nascent foliage. I know of no one else in professional coaching who has such a comprehensive understanding regarding its history. Perhaps, with this work by Vikki Brock, we can finally identify professional coaching as a discipline or at least an interdisciplinary endeavor that is likely to remain in place for many years.” – William Bergquist, co-author with Agnes Mura of Coachbook: A Compendium of Organizational Coaching Strategies, Tools and Best Practices.

“This is an invaluable resource for ‘everything coaching!’ Major thanks to Vikki for pulling so much information together and putting it all in one place.” – Linda Miller, Global Liaison for Coaching, The Ken Blanchard Companies.

“Vikki Brock spent an inestimable amount of time (170+ hours) interviewing the pioneers of coaching, and an inestimable number of hours researching and writing about the origins of coaching. Anyone who is interested in learning about coaching owes her a debt of gratitude as she has saved us countless hours. The sourcebook is a ‘must-have’ resource for every coach’s library.” – Sylva Leduc, MEd, MPEC, Managing Partner, SageLeaders.com

“Vikki has accomplished what no other coach has been able to do. She has sourced the beginnings and early unfolding of the professional coaching industry, and decades of development and growth are preserved forever, protecting the past for professional coaching.” – Mike Jay, World’s Most Innovative Coach.

“Thank goodness that Vikki Brock has the unique and estimable gifts of patience, curiosity and non-judgment to create this volume of coaching history with such balance and fairness. Truly an awesome account of an amazing profession. Vikki has succeeded at culling one of the most significant histories of human development.” – Laura Berman Fortgang, coaching pioneer and author of Living Your Best Life, Take Yourself to the Top and Now What?

“With a uniquely comprehensive perspective, this book reveals the rich and complex legacy of the field of coaching, providing new insights into the trajectory of the whole movement. Coaches, consultants, psychologists and others in related fields will appreciate dipping into multiple sources of inspiration behind the development of this powerful modern movement. Vikki Brock has made an exceptional contribution toward the continuing expansion and positive impact of the field of coaching.” – Angela Spaxman, 2008-9 President of the International Association of Coaching, Founding President of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community, Director of Loving Your Work, a Hong Kong-based Career Coaching organization.

“Just as it’s important for individuals to reflect once in a while on their lives (which coaching helps drive), it’s helpful for the coaching field itself to reflect on it’s history. Vikki has created a great tool to support this.” – David Rock, Founder and CEO, Results Coaching Systems and co-founder, NeuroLeadership Institute.

“I applaud Vikki Brock’s unwavering commitment to capture the coaching profession’s roots and accurately record the history that led up to the establishment of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has done a true service to the coaching profession, while honoring its passionate pioneers.” – David Matthew Prior, MCC; Founder, Professional and Personal Coaches Association (PPCA); Principal, Getacoach.com.

“What a sourcebook! I know the years of research that Dr. Brock completed for this compendium. The details and context of the coaching profession are thorough, illuminating and a tremendous resource for many years to come.” – Patrick Williams EdD, Master Certified Coach, Founder: Institute for Life Coach training.

“Every new profession needs to have its history documented and its definition clearly articulated to the world in order to solidly survive over time. The Sourcebook of Coaching History provides this foundation for coaching now and going into the future. This book is for anyone who believes in the power of coaching so much that they want to be a coach or they want to hire a coach for their own or their organization’s growth. I am grateful for Vikki for the labor it took to create this important book.” – Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, president of Covisioning, past president of the International Coach Federation, and author of Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction.

“Unlike academic-based disciplines, the roots and evolution of coaching are more mysterious and subject to misinformation. That is, until now. Vikki Brock’s sourcebook is a must read for novice and experienced coaches as a way to gain historical perspective, improve practice, gain professional strength, and develop a foundation for unlimited growth.” – Rey A. Carr, Ph.D. (Canada). Author of The Peer Coaching Starter Kit and CEO of Peer Resources (www.peer.ca).

“This excellent book will provide coaches and trainees with a useful historical perspective on the development of the coaching profession.” – Stephen Palmer (UK) Director of the Centre for Coaching, London and Co-Editor of the Handbook of Coaching Psychology.

“After several years of exhaustive and extensive research Vikki brings to us the story of the conception, birth and maturation of an exciting new profession. It is a fascinating story and has been an incredible journey.” – Henry Kimsey-House, co-founder The Coaches Training Institute, co-author of Co-Active Coaching.

“Vikki follows a high set of values and standards as well as her heart’s wisdom and professional integrity. This book is a reflection of all these qualities and more. It is a great privilege to be included in Vikki’s circle of friends and professional colleagues. Vikki wrote this long time coming book, for coaches around the world that know that coaching is a never-ending quest for the treasures of the human- kind. This book embraces the global perspective of the coaching arena, blessed by Vikki’s heartfelt touch of joy, compassion, humor, wisdom and deep love for people.” – Sara Arbel, MCC, career design expert, professional speaker, author of Me Too, pioneer of the coaching profession in Israel, Founding President of ICF Israel, and World Wide Leader at Coach Inc.

“The Sourcebook of Coaching History is a comprehensive and accurate story of the history of coaching.  I found the stories intriguing and enlightening and have emerged with a greater appreciation of how the field strengthened to support the needs of our society.  This should be required reading for anyone who teaches coaching, is considering entering the field, anyone who calls him/herself “coach.”  In addition,  highly recommend this book for any business executive, leader, manager or team lead that coaches or aspires to coach within the business context. Dr Brock presents a thorough and comprehensive history of coaching that provides the serious leader and leader coach with context for successfully coaching the business environment.” – Cynder Niemela, MA, MBA, Chief Talent Officer, and co-author, “Leading High Impact Teams: The Coach Approach to Peak Performance.

“Coaching as we now understand it lies in the center of humanities next evolutionary step. Most people now realize a global transformation has begun and many scenarios on how that will happen are possible. Coaching will provide the mid wifery of our consciously chosen future and Vikki has put this process in context with the definitive articulation of coaching’s history, present and emerging future. Having had the pleasure of knowing Vikki for many years, I can say she has been committed Heart and Soul to the birth of this book for all of our benefit. Thank you Vikki from all of us.” – Terry Musch, co-founder 9E Global, Leadership and Career Coach.

“Who better than Vikki to have created this compendium of our past, present and future. Her passion and contribution has greatly impacted the coaching profession at all levels and in all areas. This book is the public declaration of her years of hard work and involvement with coaching and her commitment to it’s future. Thank you Vikki for raising your awareness and making the conscious choice to do this work. I am proud to be your friend in this community.” – Garry Schleifer, PCC, CMC, Publisher choice, the magazine of professional coaching. choice-online.com.

“I had ‘coaches’ since elementary school and I was a ‘coach’ when I got out of college. Over the past 5 years of my 25 plus years in leadership, I hired professional business coaches who partnered with me to understand my uniqueness and increase my fulfillment. In this book, Vikki not only explores the history of coaching but more importantly explores its essence. If any professional really wants to do what is in their soul to help others, this book is the foundation and starting point for that journey.” – Mike Meko, Director-Generation Supply Chain, PG&E.

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