Color Figures

Sourcebook of Coaching History

The hyperlinks below will open up color versions of the black/white figures from the Sourcebook of Coaching History.

2.         A coaching tree and its environment
3.         Timeline of root discipline emergence and relationships
4.         Interconnections between coaching and its root disciplines
6.         Root discipline evolution from philosophy
7.         Evolution of root disciplines through the twentieth century
11.       Evolution of psychology forces
19.       Historical wellness perspectives
21.       Coaching defined
22.       Coaching influences timeline by generation
23.       Thomas Leonard and Laura Whitworth Influences
24.       Coaching key influencers relationships
25.       Relationships and generational connections between influencers
26.       Werner Erhard and Tim Gallwey relationships
27.       Thomas Leonard and other relationships
28.       Background fields for psychology organizations
29.       Emergence of coaching
31.       Geographic spread of coaching by earliest coaching program or company


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